Motivate, confirm. Whatever, wherever, whenever.

Why to give confirmation?

Imagine that it will be possible to identify and document your every partial success. Can you recognize the level of one's interest from a school-leaving certificate? What is more valubale – grades on records, ECTS credits received or the testimony of others that you really have certain skills and abilities?
We believe that people deserve recognition for the things they achieve throughout their lives. Some achievements are announced within public ceremonies and accompanied with framed certificates but many other accomplishments would go unnoticed for a lifetime. However, some of them can be crucial for getting new opportunities – a job, a function, membership in a community and so on.
We increase people's employment opportunities and improve their lives by enabling them to confirm even the smallest success and progress to each other.

What is a digital badge?

Digital badge is a file that presents certain success - demonstrating a skill, reaching a milestone or fulfilling a role - by its visually attractive form. The badge is also a proof of success, because it includes criteria for granting it in an encrypted form and so tells a story about who issued it and what was assessed. In fact, a badge created or stored on Veriod provides a lot of information about both the recipient and the person or organization that issued it.

Who can issue a badge?

The publisher can be anyone who thinks that a given form of acknowledgment is useful. The most common publishers are trainers, team managers, teachers or conference organizers. Badges are helpful not only for the formal education institutions but also for other educators such as libraries, museums, national parks and various leisure facilities - children and youth centres, clubs and so on.

Who can get the badge?

Anybody can acquire an award for his activity. The publisher sets the criteria for awarding each badge. Anyone who meets these criteria can approach the publisher and receive the badge. The most common situation is that you complete a course or a seminar and the badge is offered to you by the publisher. Each badge holder can then upload the badge on his blog, personal website or on his profile on a social network such as Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

Why to collect digital badges?

While you collect badges, you create more and more accurate and comprehensive map of your interests, experience and skills. Badges are more than your own statements in a CV, they are evidence. Thanks to that digital badges are changing the way employers, teachers, mentors, peers and communities recognize your interests or talent.

How do I register?

Registration is quick and easy - you can use login via Facebook or LinkedIn or create an account directly on Veriod. Veriod accounts are exclusively for individuals! Nevertheless, after logging in anyone can join a group or an organization and issue certificates in collaboration with other users, or on its behalf. Veriod is free to all users with no restrictions on the number of issued and received confirmations (badges), and moreover, it enables you to create your own profile where you can upload any confirmation that you have already acquired.

How can I issue any confirmation?

Creating a confirmation in the form of a digital badge is simple. Veriod allows to issue a perfect confirmation in the form of a digital badge within a few minutes and without any specialized knowledge and skills. Steps to issue a badge are the following: 1/ Create a picture that will represent the badge in your picture editor or select it from your computer. 2/ Fill in the form with information about the badge and the criteria for its release. 3/ Activate the badge and send it to the recipient(s) by filling his e-mail (or e-mails) in the appropriate box. Veriod completes the image with the badge data into one file and sends a message about the badge awarding to e-mail recipients.

How can I issue badges as an organization?

Veriod account is always intended only for individuals and each user can become a publisher without any additional registration steps. If you want to issue badges on behalf of an organization, you have to add "another publisher" to your personal account. You can do it when you fill a form with information about the another publisher and once the existence of the publisher' e-mail is confirmed, you can issue badges on behalf of the organization. A user who has registered the organization automatically becomes the administrator and can add other users who can: 1/ create badges for the organization and 2/ issue badges on behalf of it. You can also create an informal group without TIN.

How can I manage my badges?

Each Veriod account can accept or receive confirmation in the form of digital badges for all its registered and certified e-mail addresses. It is possible to store acquired badges, organize them by categories and sort them into collections, which are displayed to others according to individual settings (specifically: show to all, show to invitees only, do not show to anyone). Through your personal settings you can choose to share badges into multiple channels: on a personal website, on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, to Mozilla Backpack, on the corporate intranet or in an online CV.

What does "a certified publisher" mean?

Digital certificates have the greatest significance in those cases where their source is well-known, trusted and widely proven. Publishers, whose profile has an icon "authenticated", are verified by Veriod. This means that in addition to the standard registration more verifying has taken place and it proves that the account belongs to the person or the organization listed in the account name and in case of an organization the account is created with conscious approval of the statutory bodies of the organization. Each user can request verification for himself or organization that he registered. In the period 2013-2014 verification is done at no additional charge.

Can I upload my own icon or picture when creating a badge?

Yes. All users can upload their own images. There are even two options: 1/ you can upload a ready-made badge (PNG of size 256x256 pixels), 2 / in the badge editor you can upload your own image in the tab „Images“ using the "+" button, which is then automatically reduced and inserted into the centre of the selected background.

Are the badges from Veriod OBI compatible?

Yes, badges created using Veriod are compatible with Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI). Each user can send his badges from Veriod to Mozzilla Backpack.

Is API open for Veriod?

It will definitely be! Veriod was designed from the start in a way to allow easy integration into websites and applications...

How to deal with acquired badges?

  • Share the acquired badge on social networks (FB, Google+, LinkedIn) - on go into your profile after logging in and in the section Acquired badges click on the symbol of sharing. Then there appear social networks where you can share your badges.
  • Share your whole public profile – on go into your profile after logging in and at the top on the left you will see your name and photo. After clicking on View Public Profile there appears your profile as the public will see it. After clicking on the icon „share“ next to your name there appear social networks where you can share your profile.
  • Insert a badge link to the CV or download it to the computer (png) information about the badge in your e-mail box also contains a link to the website of your badge. Clicking on this link will open the page of your badge and the URL can be inserted into documents or web pages such as a CV. You may also download the badge itself as a PNG image with encoded information about the publisher and the criteria. How to do it? After clicking on the link „Badge itself“ the badge will open in a new window. Click the right mouse button and choose Save image as. The downloaded badge can then be uploaded to other e-portfolios.
  • Upload a file badge on - if you have been given a badge from services other than, you can add it to your portfolio by logging in and selecting a section Acquired badges in the menu on the top. Here click on Upload a badge, select the file and upload the badge.
  • Save the badge to any e-portfolio (personal digital portfolio) as Mahara - there are other management systems for your e-portfolio, for example Mahara. Always follow the manual and conditions of the software.

Still not sure? Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.