Motivuj, potvrzuj. Cokoliv, kdekoliv, kdykoliv.

Why to be a publisher?

Do you teach? Coach? Lead a working group? Work in a team? Give your clients, colleagues or subordinates a certificate proving that they achieved something, they know something, they are involved in something. Increase their motivation and open new opportunities for them.

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ilustrativní obrázek

Why collect badges?

Ask your instructor, mentor, boss or colleague for digital badge.
- As a confirmation of particular skills or competence. The collection of badges will improve your value on the labour market.

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Why recognize badges?

Digital badges are certificates: it is clear, who, when, whom and for what issued the badge. Moreover, it is impossible the falsify them. They create credible and accurate image of interests, knowledge and skills of the holder.

In order to issue and collect badges, you need to register for free and we will provide you with all tools necessary to collect, create and issue digital verification badges.